Save 200 Trees From MIDC Axe

Only Green Patch in Polluting Chemical Belt

Hon’ble Mukhya Mantri ji,
Sub: Save 200 Trees from MIDC Axe in Navi Mumbai
Greetings from NatConnect Foundation.
Thank you very much for your prompt response whenever we raise environmental concerns.
We write this email with a specific request to save open space and greenery in the highly polluted chemical belt at TTC area in Navi Mumbai.
We are extremely concerned over the fact that about 200 trees face the axe of MIDC at Plot number OS-7 at C-Block, Pawane Village, in the Thane Belapur Chemical Industrial Belt.
This appears to be the only green lung in the entire area with fully grown trees amid high levels of air and water pollution.
We have gathered that a private company has developed this OS-7 with plenty of landfill and painstaking maintenance over the past 20 plus years. Today, the green space presents a boatful picture with tall palm and other trees and flower bearing plants.
The Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) visits the area whenever they conduct tree census which means that this green patch is under NMMC account as well.
We are informed by MIDC officials that they plan to allot the open space to some project affected people (PAP). By all means, the PAPs must get justice. It is much delayed.
On the contrary, it is shocking that after more than six decades of the industrial and residential development of the area, we are still talking about compensating the PAPs. MIDC and the other local authorities such as CIDCO must try to find alternative spaces for allotting to PAPs rather than destroying the much-needed green lungs of the city in general and industrial area in particular.
It is our earnest request to you, being a green lover, to intervene and save the 200 plus trees and the open space and allow it to be maintained as such.
Your office may kindly instruct your officials to look for alternative places for PAP settlement and not destroy the environment.
Looking forward to an early and positive response, as always!
Yours sincerely,
Thanks and regards.
B N Kumar
Editor & Director - NatConnect Foundation  
Winner of International Awards