Friday, September 22, 2023
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Democracy With Sustainability- That’s India for the world

PM Modi - Indian Culture Deeply Respects The Environment

NatConnect Foundation

Our vision is pro-planet progress; Our vision is pro-planet prosperity, Our vision is pro-planet people, Modi tells US Congress.

WASHINTON, June 24 (The CONNECT) - Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said India’s growth is firmly embedded with sustainability.

“A spirit of democracy, inclusion and sustainability defines us. It also shapes our outlook to the world. India grows while being responsible about our planet,” Modi said addressing the US Congress on Thursday.
We believe: माता भूमि: पुत्रो अहं पृथिव्या: This means- "the Earth is our Mother and we are her children”, he said 
“Indian culture deeply respects the environment and our planet. While becoming the fastest growing economy, we grew our solar capacity by Two Thousand Three Hundred Percent,” Modi narrated.

India is the only G20 country to meet its Paris commitment. The Country made renewables account for over forty percent of its energy sources, nine years ahead of the target of 2030. “But we did not stop there. At the Glasgow Summit, I proposed Mission LiFE- Lifestyle for Environment. This is a way to make sustainability a true people’s movement. Not leave it to be the job of governments alone,” Modi said.
By being mindful in making choices, every individual can make a positive impact. Making sustainability a mass movement will help the world reach the Net Zero target faster, he said.

“Our vision is pro-planet progress. Our vision is pro-planet prosperity. Our vision is pro-planet people,” the PM declared.
“”We live by the motto of वसुधैव कुटुंबकम or The World is One Family. Our engagement with the world is for everyone’s benefit. The One-Sun-One-World-One-Grid seeks to join us all in connecting the world with clean energy. One Earth, One Health is a vision for global action to bring quality healthcare to everyone, including animals and plants. 
“The same spirit is also seen in the theme when we Chair the G20 – One Earth, One Family, One Future. We advance the spirit of unity through Yoga as well. Just yesterday, the whole world came together to celebrate the International Day of Yoga. Just last week, all nations joined our proposal at the UN to build a Memorial Wall to honour the peacekeepers,” the PM said.
And this year, the whole world is celebrating the International Year of Millets, to promote sustainable agriculture and nutrition alike. During Covid, we delivered vaccines and medicines to over hundred and fifty countries. We reach out to others during disasters as first responders, as we do for our own. We share our modest resources with those who need them the most. We build capabilities, not dependencies. 
Modi pointed out that when he speaks about India’s approach to the world, the United States occupies a special place. “I know our relations are of great importance to all of you,” he said.

Every Member of this Congress has a deep interest in it. When defence and aerospace in India grow, industries in the states of Washington, Arizona, Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania thrive. When American companies grow, their research and development centres in India thrive. When Indians fly more, a single order for aircrafts creates more than a million jobs in forty four states in America, Modi explained to the US law makers.