Civic body okays greens idea: Recycled water for construction, gardens

Navi Mumbai commissioner takes green group’s idea forward

Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation (NMMC) is examining a NatConnect suggestion to supply increased quantities of recycled water for construction and non-potable purpose

NAVI MUMBAI, Jan 30 (The CONNECT) - Navi Mumbai Municipal Corporation is examining a suggestion to supply increased quantities of recycled water for construction and non-potable purpose to residential colonies.

In a country first, NMMC has planned to supply 40 MLD (million litres a day) of recycled water to TTC units from December. But the corporation generates 400 MLD of sewer water and recycles it. This water can be put to good, non-potable use, NatConnect Director B N Kumar pointed out and called for a one-time investment.

NMMC Commissioner Abhijit Bangar who has earlier forwarded the NatConnect suggestion to the City Engineer Sanjay Desai now specifically asked his team officers at ward levels to see how best the recycled water an be used. Recalling that NRI Seawoods gets the treated water, Bangar said this process can be extended to other colonies.

Kumar appreciated the commissioner for his “quick, positive and pro-environment response”. The NGO pointed out that considering the city will see a massive construction in view of the redevelopment projects and infrastructure works, recycled water could ideally be used for these.

Moreover, the use of precious drinking water for washing cars, two wheelers, terraces and parking pots should be discouraged forthwith and the recycled water be used for it.

One cannot blame the citizens for this because they do not have access to any other water source, Kumar said and suggested a one-time investment in a dedicated pipeline and storage facilities for this purpose.

“And, till we have a dedicated pipeline, recycled water may be supplied to housing societies by tankers making them compulsorily buy some quantity for non-potable purposes,” NatConnect said. The societies must invest in separate internal pipelines and storage.

NMMC may offer discounts in regular water tariff for the societies taking recycled water, Kumar said.

Kumar expressed the hope that NMMC would look at saving drinking water. Morbe dam might be full, but it does not mean that we keep wasting that water, he said. “And who knows how the vagaries of weather will behave in future,” he said.