On the occasion of International Mountain Day, Rodic Consultants Private Limited, a leading engineering and digital infrastructure consulting company, reaffirms its commitment to promoting mountaineering and a love for life on land. The company organized a trekking expedition covering the picturesque mountain ranges of Tunganath, Chandra Shella, and Deoria Tal in Rudra Prayag, Uttarakhand, to promote fitness and encourage its employees to connect with nature and foster a sense of responsibility towards mountain conservation.


Rodic Consultants Celebrates International Mountain Day with Trekking Expedition, Emphasizes Mountain Conservation and Well-being

The theme for this years International Mountain Day, "Restoring Mountain Ecosystems" is a step ahead to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goal 15 - "Life on Land". Since 2002, December 11 each year has been observed as International Mountain Day designated by the United Nations to celebrate the importance of mountains as an essential part of the natural ecosystem and build alliances to address opportunities and constraints in mountain development.

Rodics commitment to sustainable practices and holistic well-being resonates with the above pursuits of sustainable development. Through its projects and initiatives, Rodic actively supports "green" economies and the use of innovative technologies to strengthen the harmonious relationship between humanity and nature.

Mr. Raj Kumar, Chairman & Managing Director, Rodic Consultants Pvt. Ltd., who himself is a National Level Sportsman in shooting, expressed that the International Mountain Day is a reminder of the vital role mountains play in our natural ecosystem. In addition to stunning landscapes, mountains are vital for our survival and have a profound influence on communities. Under his strong leadership and vision of holistic development, the company has imbibed the culture of sports and fitness as an essential element for overall development and peace of mind. He encourages employees to spread awareness about protecting the mountain's delicate ecosystems which are threatened by climate change and overexploitation.

Rodic is putting sustainability at the heart of its business strategy which is beneficial to the environment, society, and economies at large. Giving wings to mountaineer and athlete Ms. Baljeet Kaur's dream of ascending Mount Everest, last year Rodic sponsored her mission and rigorous training. A beacon of hope for athletes across the country. She is the first Indian to climb 5, 8K Summits in 30 days. She visited the Rodic Head Office in New Delhi to express her gratitude for the support.

The trekking opportunity was extended to Rodic employees across all offices and project units, bringing together participants from diverse expertise and demographics. The five-day event aimed not only to promote physical fitness through mountaineering but also to emphasize the importance of restoring mountain ecosystems, in alignment with the theme for this years International Mountain Day.

The world has realized the significance of nature in making a balance between growth and quality of life. Rodic's trekking expedition underlines that mountaineering is one of the prime fitness activities to maintain cardio health and metabolic actions in terms of physical fitness, while mountains provide the most ideal surroundings to connect with the inner self for spiritual well-being.

The Rodic trekking team, comprising individuals from varied fields, demonstrated the power of motivation, commitment, and zeal in achieving common goals.

In support of the day, Rodic took to social media to commend the efforts of mountaineering enthusiasts and conservationists, urging the public to align themselves with nature and incorporate fitness goals into their lives.

The team, upon descending from the mountains, shared their exhilarating journey experiences, which stand as testimonials championing the conservation of mountains and the benefits of mountaineering. Rodic Consultants has consistently been an advocate for sustainability, good health, and economic growth. The company regularly organizes various sports activities and health camps, emphasizing the importance of a holistic approach to well-being for its employees.